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How do alcohol and other drugs work? And what are the effects of them on your brain, memory and study performance? How do you get through college without a hangover? Where can you test your drugs? And if you’re worried about your own or your friend’s alcohol or other drug use, where can you go to?

You can find the answers to these questions and more on this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. Find our details at the bottom of this page.

Studying in the Netherlands: all you need to know about alcohol & other drugs

If you’re going to study in the Netherlands, you may enjoy nightlife here. This could involve alcohol or other drugs. In that case it is important to know what you have to take into account. In this video we’ll share all you need to know!

Your brain, drugs and studying

You’re going to college or university. In the next few years, you’ll be taxing your brain to the limit. You’ll be cramming for exams, and you may spend your free time in a student society or at pubs and parties. You might even drink alcohol or take other drugs there. How can you keep your brain working as well as possible, without missing out on student life? We consulted 3 experts to find answers.

Want to know more about how drugs work in the brain, check out our interactive animation ‘Drugs in the brain‘.

Check & update your knowledge

How is your knowledge about alcohol and other drugs? Check it with our student tests.

If you first want to improve your knowledge on how drugs work in your body, take a look at ‘Drugs in the Body’.

Learn & Enjoy!

Information about alcohol, cannabis and gaming


Do you use other drugs besides alcohol? Inform yourself well about the risks and how you can reduce them. Find more info on the Unity website. Unity is a peer education project for visitors of dance events. Their volunteers provide objective and open-minded information about alcohol and other drugs. They share their knowledge on the website and help you to make well-informed choices.

One of the ways to reduce the risks of using it is to have your drugs tested at a testing service. You can find these throughout the Netherlands. Jellinek also has a number of locations. Want to know more about the test service? Then read on below.

When it comes to nightlife in the Netherlands, there are many options. Even during a pandemic you can still visit bars, coffeeshops and other venues and enjoy the ‘gezelligheid’ this country has to offer. Prepare yourself and be at your best with these videos.

How to party in a safe way

Why you should avoid street dealers

Amsterdam is a fun, free-spirited, laid-back city. But, like any other city, it’s important to be street smart. This video will show you just why you need to avoid drug dealers in the street when you’re in Amsterdam. For more info, including how to report crimes, see

Support for students

Pulling an all-nighter, going to a lecture hungover or calling in sick due to Tuesday Blues may not be problematic immediately. But what if it happens more often than you would like? What if your study results suffer? Or what is this makes you feel sad, anxious or stressed for a longer period of time? You may not be completely in control of your substance use (or gaming or gambling habit). What can you do? Jellinek can support you.

Free consultation

Contact us for free consultation. You can reach us with any questions about drug use and addiction. For yourself or if you are concerned about someone close to you. Reach us through email, chat, phone or face-to-face.

  • Ask your question here and we’ll email you within 2 working days.
  • Chat with us: opening hours Mon-Fri 13-17h.
  • Call the Jellinek Advice Line: 088 505 1220: Mon-Fri 9-11/15-17h
  • Face-to-face consultation: if you need more help, we can offer you (a maximum of) 4 conversations where you will map out the problem, gain knowledge about the substance and the effects it has on you and gain more insight and awareness about your own use. Call us for an appointment: 088 505 1220.


Sometimes treatment is needed. Students can contact the Youth department within Jellinek. Usually our patient treatment is sufficient. This means that you have a weekly meeting with a psychologist from Jellinek. Here, too, the goal of the treatment is determined together with you.

Are you physically dependent? Then more intensive treatment may be required. For example, part-time treatment or admission to a clinic. However, this is rare among students.

For a treatment at Jellinek you need a referral from the doctor. Dutch health insurance reimburses everything, but you still have to pay your deductible. Call the Jellinek Advice Line (088 5051220) for more information.

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