What is the Jellinek Outreachend Team (JOT) and what does it do?

What does JOT offer?

The JOT treats people with severe dependency on alcohol, drugs or gambling. As a result, problems have arisen in several areas of life. We work outreaching, that means we can go to the cliënts, instead of them coming to us.

JOT uses the methodology CRA (Community Reinforcement Approach). This methodology is aimed at positively reaffirming patients and finding alternatives that do not go together with (excessive) use of resources. This methodology has been successful for many patients whilst stopping or significantly reducing their use.

Who are we?

JOT works with addiction doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, clinics and practitioners who will all work with you to get back on track.

How long does a JOT treatment take?

Treatment lasts a maximum of one year but can be extended in special circumstances.

You will be directly involved in drawing up your treatment plan based on your own objectives. Every six months, this plan is evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

JOT and significant others

The JOT strives to include your significant other during treatment. They can have a very positive impact on your process of healing.

Accessibility JOT

We can be reached every working day from 9.30 to 17.00 under telephone number 020 5901970. The central doctor’s office allows you to call the crisis service outside of office hours.


We wish you a good recovery!!


Versie: april 2020