Treatment options

Treatment options at Jellinek

Jellinek helps you solve addiction and dependency problems with alcohol and drugs, but also with gambling, sex and gaming. Depending on the severity and nature of your problems, Jellinek has targeted assistance available for almost any kind of addiction. If your problems with addiction are accompanied by psychological problems, our specialists can provide the right treatment. The assistance we provide is never more strenuous than necessary. We keep the treatment as light as possible.

Outpatient treatment

The form of treatment that we offer for English speaking people is outpatient treatment. This treatment can be supplemented with a detox if necessary. With the treatment you actively work to stop your addiction. You make homework assignments and you do exercises to get a better view on your usage. Through the treatment you learn different behavior. You also learn to think differently at times that you actually want to use. You will come to us for a treatment once or twice a week. We offer the treatment in a group or individually. Do you need a different form of treatment? Then we will refer you to another addiction care institution.

Other forms of threatment

If you also speak Dutch, we also offer other forms of treatment. We keep the treatment as light as possible. The forms of treatment we offer range from online programmes to intensive forms of day-patient treatment or even admission to an inpatient clinic. In most cases, treatment is accompanied by medical supervision of withdrawal. Most courses of treatment are provided in the daytime in either individual or group settings.

Telephone interpreting service

Don’t speak Dutch or English? No problem, you are still eligible for treatment with Jellinek. We work with an interpreting phone service. Assuming you are insured (see the section lower on this page), this is paid for by the insurance company.


Treatment is covered by your health insurance company. However, it will be deducted from your ‘own risk’. This is legally capped at €385 per year. If you have already used this amount for the year with other care, you do not have to pay it again.

How can I apply for treatment with Jellinek?

If you want to register for treatment you can do so in different ways. The easiest is through your primary care physician. He or she can provide you with a referral letter. With this, the treatment will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

For more information about treatment with Jellinek, you can call us by telephone on +31 (0) 88 505 1220 (on weekdays between 8.30 AM and 5 PM).

If you do not have a residence permit

Are you in a procedure at COA and do you have a residence status being applied for at COA? Then you are insured. Your insurance number is on your COA care card.

Please note: if you receive a residence permit, your insurance from COA will no longer be valid. You must then take out your own insurance.

A referral is always required. This can be from one of the following approved referrers:

  • General Practitioner;
  • Medical Specialist, including Physician for the Mentally Handicapped;
  • Specialist in geriatrics;
  • Company physician;
  • Emergency room physician;
  • Street Doctor;
  • Direct practitioner from outside provider.

Treatment for people who are in the Netherlands undocumented (illegally) is only possible in case of medically necessary care. The intaker decides whether there is medically necessary care. If this is not the case, unfortunately we cannot help you.

If it is, it is sometimes necessary to re-evaluate during treatment whether the situation is still medically necessary.

Again, a referral is always required.

Do you live in Amsterdam? Then you can go to the Kruispost – Oudezijds100 to receive a referral to Jellinek. As soon as you have this referral, you can call the Central Registration Office at 020-590 4444 to make an appointment for an intake.