Outpatient Group – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You are at Jellinek to get rid of your addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or anything else. For this you follow the outpatient treatment Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a group. The total treatment lasts 13 weeks. You will be treated once a week. We only have non-smoking treatments at Jellinek.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

With cognitive behavioral therapy you actively work to stop your addiction. CGT is our most used and most effective treatment. You make homework assignments and you do exercises to get a better view on your usage. Through the treatment you learn different behavior. You also learn to think differently at times that you actually want to use.

Structure of the treatment

Preparatory conversations

Before you start the group treatment, you will have a conversation with your therapist. You will receive an explanation about the treatment, about the treatment plan and what to expect. You agree on the treatment goal and you start keeping track of how much and how often you use. You also plan together when the group treatment starts.

Detox (if needed)

During a detox, you stop using the drugs or alcohol you use. It takes an average of 1-2 weeks for the drugs or alcohol to leave your body. You will usually be admitted to our detox department for a detox. Sometimes a hospitalization is not necessary. After the detox, the group treatment starts.

Treatment in a group

Start group (3 sessions on location)

The first three meetings are group sessions in an open group. In this group we will make a start with the treatment. You set goals and learn how to stick to them.

Follow-up group (10 sessions on location)

In the follow-up group you will learn how to tackle your addiction. You will get insight into the moments you used alcohol or drugs and what you can do differently. You are working on your negative thoughts that cause you to use again. If necessary, you will learn how to organize your day in a healthy way and we look at how you can fill your days meaningfully again.

Care after treatment

When the treatment is over, we do not forget you. You can go to the aftercare group every month. With this we help you to maintain the result of the treatment.

 Who is this treatment for?

  • You want to stop using drugs, alcohol and gambling.
  • A treatment once a week is enough for you.
  • You speak English.


Personal advise

Would you like to have some personal advise? Call us on 088 505 1220.