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Other names for gambling

Slot machines, betting terminals, FOBTs, fruit machines, one-armed bandits, roulette, blackjack, poker.

What is gambling?

  • In gambling, profit and loss depend on chance.
  • You gamble for money.
  • If you play gaming machines, you find out immediately whether you’ve won or lost.
  • If you play the lottery, you don’t find out till much later.
  • The riskiest games are those where you see straightaway whether you’ve won or lost.
  • Slot machines are therefore riskier than lotteries.
  • Slot machines are programmed in certain ways.
  • Under Dutch law, you’re allowed to lose an average of €40 per hour.
  • If you play the machines for just one hour a week, that will cost you 52 times €40 = €2080 a year.
  • Dutch law also requires each spin of a slot machine to last a minimum of 4 seconds.

Effects of gambling

  • It gives you a thrilling sensation.
  • You feel exhilarated.
  • You forget everything around you.
  • You feel in symbiosis with the machine.

Risks of gambling

What are the risks of gambling?

  • Very short games are gripping and addictive.
  • The risk is that you’ll keep playing longer and more frequently.
  • When you lose money, you want to win it back.
  • If you win, you gamble away your profits.
  • You need more and more money to play, and that gets you into financial problems.
  • You tell lies and make up excuses to obtain more money.
  • You get into problems with friends, schoolmates or co-workers.
  • You’ve become addicted. You think about gambling all day. You get restless if you try to stop or slow down.


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