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Jellinek is the expert in Amsterdam when it comes to alcohol, drugs and addiction. We can answer every question you have about the risks of alcohol, drugs and gambling. In its decades of experience, Jellinek has gained a wealth of knowledge about recreational substances and addiction. This website gives you information about the most common substances being used at this time, as well as about gambling.

Are you wondering whether you’re drinking too much or taking too many drugs? Or do you think you’re gambling too much? Do you crave to play computer games? Then take a look at Am I Addicted? where you can also test your (drinking/using/gambling) behaviour.

When people have problems with addiction, their partners, friends and relatives can provide valuable help. Good parenting can prevent problems from developing in adolescents. To find out how to help, click on Families and Parenting.

Would you like to stop or reduce your use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, hashish, cocaine or other drugs? Would you like to stop gambling or playing computer games or reduce the time you spend with gambling or computer games? Jellinek can provide the right amount of help for almost any kind of addiction. Click on Treatment Options to find out how we can help. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on our website, please contact us.

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