Stop or cut back on cannabis

There are several options if you want to cut back or stop your cannabis use.

Do it yourself

You can of course stop by yourself. There is nothing holding you back to stop smoking cannabis. If you were used to smoking alot of cannabis, you might experience some withdrawal symptoms. But these are physically not dangerous. They will go away.
Stopping usually works best with a plan. So think about the stopping date and how you will deal with difficult times.

Self help

Do our online self-help course for cannabis (Dutch). This is an online program that helps with quitting.


Treatment at Jellinek is no more strenuous than necessary. We keep it as low-level as possible, but we offer intensive treatment if necesarry. We have no waiting lists, or only short ones for certain specialised treatments. To an certain extent you can determine the course and setting of the treatment yourself.

To get your use under control, cognitive-behavioural therapy is often a good approach. We can provide it in individual or group sessions or in combination. If necessary, these can also be combined with medical treatment. If you want to stop completely and would like to do so with the support of other people who are achieving the same thing, then the 12-step Minnesota treatment model may be right for you. It emphasises empathy and solidarity with others.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy Minnesota model
  • The most empirically validated addiction treatment.
  • Emphasis on behavioural change.
  • Outpatient and more intensive day-patient and inpatient options.
  • Abstinence or limited use
  • Day and evening sessions.
  • Full or partial online treatment.
  • Supplementary therapy available for mental health problems.
  • Most widely used treatment approach.
  • Emphasis on on mutual empathy and commitment.
  • Intensive therapy in day-patient or inpatient form.
  • Full abstinence.
  • Separate groups for men and women.
  • Cooperation with the Safe House recovery programme.
  • Recovery continues in self-help groups.

Jellinek gives you hope of a different life, a life without addictive substances or gambling. Take your first step today and contact Jellinek. We have treatment centers in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort, Amstelveen and Hilversum.

Symptoms of cannabis dependency

  • Problems with health, relationships, work and finances.
  • Lonely feelings.
  • Failing to keep commitments and withdrawing into your own world.
  • Thinking you can no longer do without cannabis.
  • Needing cannabis to calm down.
  • Problems with short-term memory or impaired emotional development (especially in young people).
  • Disturbances in equilibrium or concentration.
  • Impaired fertility.

Advantages of stopping or cutting down on cannabis

  • A clearer head, a more active life, less procrastination.
  • Better health and physical condition.
  • Less depression and anxiety.
  • Improved concentration and memory (especially short-term memory).
  • Better performance at work, school or home.
  • More money to spend, no need to borrow.
  • Eventually, fewer problems with sleeping.


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