Am I addicted?

Have you been wondering if you’re drinking too much or taking too many drugs? Or whether you’re gambling too much or have too many urges to play computer games, surf the Internet or look for sex contacts? Or maybe you’re worried about someone close to you?

People don’t develop addictions from one day to the next. How quickly that happens depends on the individual and on the substance or activity. It also depends on the surrounding environment. If you hang out with people that drink a lot or take drugs often, it can be harder to draw a line for yourself.

Signs of addiction

  • loss of control
  • exceeding the limits you’ve set for yourself
  • drinking, taking drugs or gambling more often than you were planning to
  • finding yourself fantasising about or planning such activities too often
  • getting into problems or violating social, behavioural or health norms
  • feeling withdrawal symptoms if you must do without

Test your drug use

The following tests will help you discover whether you are taking too many risks. Once you’ve answered the questions, you’ll receive the test results, with information about your score. Depending on your score, we’ll make certain recommendations.

Want to stop or cut back?

  • Apply now for an initial assessment.
  • Make an appointment for a free advisory consultation without obligation.
  • Take a test to see if you’re at risk of addiction.

An initial consultation or assessment normally takes place in Dutch or English. If you find that difficult, you’re welcome to bring someone along! It’s important to get partners, family members and friends involved. They can help and support you as you learn to deal with addiction.